Synergia Health Care Management is a business process outsourcing company with 10 years of management experience in the home health care industry. Our team works by continually adapting to the rising demands of the regulatory agencies over health care. Our goal is to custom tailor our services to your needs to increase your office’s productivity, quality, and compliance while decreasing your operational costs. We strive to build and maintain our client’s trust and confidence in the work we deliver for a long and healthy partnership.


Synergia Health Care Management has a wide range of services for your clinical operations.

Plan of Care (485)

The plan of care is an integral document to a patient's medical record. A registered nurse will compose your plan of care utilizing the OASIS, history and physical, and doctor’s order. The 485 will be completed 24 hours after the nurse completed their assessment. The timely completion of the 485 is crucial to provide ample time to attain the doctor’s signature to meet CMS guidelines of having a signed 485 within 30 days from the start of care.

Visit Notes Audit

(Skilled Nursing & Therapy)

A patient with all disciplines (SN, PT, OT) averages twenty-five visit notes per month. Our clinical auditors are trained to micro audit each visit note 24 hours after the visit has been submitted. We arrange a low patient census to clinical auditor ratio to ensure timely assessment for each visit.

Utilization Monitoring

Over-utilization affects the bottom-line of a home health care agency. Our clinical auditors will monitor the number of visits based on the generated HHRG code.


Our team of certified ICD-10 coders follows strong quality coding guidelines to meet CMS standards. Our trained medical coding team members will enter correct code combinations that will prevent possible financial losses that usually come with claims denied due to incorrect coding.


Our billing professional has ten years of experience billing home health agencies. Accurate billing procedures are necessary to prevent any delays in reimbursement. We will proactively advise agencies of any takebacks, ADRs, and provide reports of aging claims.

Private Insurance Eligibility Verification

We understand the time involved in verifying insurance eligibility. Our team can provide support for your operations to take this task off your hands.

Final Billing Assessment

A complete chart is necessary prior to submission for billing. Our clinical auditor will perform a complete assessment and a report will be generated for a full summary of the episode.


• Our operations run 24 hours a day.
• We provide our services based on our client’s individual needs.
• We pride ourselves by providing a low patient census to clinical auditor ratio for chart audits.
• Metrics and goals are set to ensure an efficient turnaround time.
• Continuous staff training and certifications are provided to maintain quality outcomes.
• Teams are created for each account to foster and enhance efficiency of the process.


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